Before registering in the company you need to read the following text. It contains the rules and conditions for the use of the opportunities provided by the investment platform, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties. Registration in the company's project requires acceptance and compliance with all terms of this agreement.By registering and accepting the terms, the project participant becomes a Client.

A creation of an account requires the compliance with following conditions:

1. Adulthood.

2. Competence.

3. The responsibility for the decisions taken– participation in the project, in the project framework (following the rules, carrying out financial transactions).

Rights and obligations of the company's client

1. All clients have equal rights to use all project services: access to the personal account on the project website; funds investment; income generation under the terms of the project; participation in the referral program; the opportunity to use the support help.

2. The rules limit manipulations with accounts. In case one client has registered several accounts in order to make a profit for the referral program, all these accounts will be blocked. The client's funds are transferred to the company as compensation for moral injury.

3. The client is obliged to keep confidential any information received from the company.

4. The client is held accountable for the disclosure of personal data to third parties. The company is not responsible for account hacking and loss of funds as a result of transferring the password to third parties.

5. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the security of the device from which the personal account is accessed. The company is not responsible for the loss of funds due to the lack of or low level of security of this device.

6. The client chooses the investment plan by himself, determines the amount of the deposit, and foresees risks. Regardless of the result no claims can be derived to the company.

7. It is recommended to monitor your account regularly to ensure security. If you find any signs of hacking your personal account you should immediately contact the support service or the administration.

8. The rules of deposit and funds withdrawal are listed in the personal account and are compulsory for everyone. Otherwise, the Client cannot demand compensation from the company if participation in the project does not lead to the expected result.

9. Client is obliged to make his actions in accordance with all items of this agreement. Their non-compliance may result in ceasing cooperation with the Client unilaterally.

Rights and obligations of the Crypto Trade Company project administration

1. The company undertakes to provide all the services within a specified time frame.

2. The company undertakes to provide the possibility of uninterrupted access to the site, if it is necessary, to provide timely technical support, to maintain the efficiency of the project.

3. The company ensures the safety of each client’s personal data, as well as the safety of invested personal funds.

4. The company is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of the information received both from Client’s registration and during his participation in the project.

5. In case of detection of fraudulent activities, as well as non-compliance with the obligations stated in this agreement, the company has the right to cease cooperation with the Client unilaterally. The Client's account(s) are blocked and the funds are transferred to the Company's disposal as compensation for the violation. In case of disputes, the Company has the right to block the Client's account. Subsequently, a specialist will be assigned for resolution of the conflict situation.

6. The content of this agreement can be changed at the discretion of the Administration without prior agreement with the Client. The client has the right to refuse to comply with the new rules by notifying the support service. The provision of services will be ceased by mutual consent.

7. The information posted on the project website is the property of the Company and is protected by copyright and related law acts.

The investment plan chosen by the Client contains all the necessary information about the conditions for making a profit within the project.

When the project is affected by circumstances that are outside the competence of the Company, the administration is not responsible for a cease in the services provision. In this case, if the result of participation in the project does not meet the expectations, the Client cannot make claims to the Company and demand recovery of the monetary loss.

Conflict situations (not included in paragraph 5 in the Rights and obligations of the Company) between the Client and the Administration are resolved through negotiations, the result of which is a mutually beneficial agreement.